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A slutload moms video is all i need to get me off tonight. These slutload moms video makes me really horny and i do something naughty. I remove my clothing, and gently start to massage my breasts. I lick me thumb and forefinger on each hand, and start to work my nipples into erection. I like to pinch and pull them until they are hard and my body is warm with excitement. My breathing picks up as I move towards my thighs and vagina. I like to pull and play with my pubic hair, as I pinch my right breast with my left hand. I slowly enter between my lips, and start to work my clitoris. I enter into my vagina with my left hand and continue to work my clitoris with my right hand. I work my clitoris in circular motions, and add two, three fingers into my vagina. While I am moving my fingers into my vagina, and compress and release the muscles around my vagina. I wet my lips, and start to moan. I increase the pace at which this rhythmical ensemble is moving, and hold my breath between licking my lips. My body tends to take on its own personality at this point. I keep going through the first orgasm..onto the second. I am usually worn out by the time the second orgasm roles around. I love to imagine someone walking in on this whole experience, and finishing it off by orally pleasuring myself. I find the idea of that very erotic.

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